This is my first blog which was inspired by joining The Produce Box, a local community supported agriculture group. With a weekly delivery of fresh produce, I have been challenged to create healthy nightly meals using ingredients I may not have purchased on my own.

Below is a compilation of weekly meals using the produce delivered by The Produce Box as well as some other recipes which have inspired me.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Rumbling Belly, Fresh Delivery of Produce Leads to Inspiration!

With a rumbling belly I find myself putting away the fresh produce just delivered to my door.  And that's when inspiration hits!  As well as an awesome lunch!

In my box were fresh tomatoes, squash and peppers, among many other delicious goodies.  I began boiling water for the rice.  Next I took 2 peppers, one squash and one tomato and diced each up.  In a pan heated with olive oil I sauteed the pepper and sprinkled Onion Onion and some Yah's Best Seasoning (from a past produce box) over it.  I then added drained and rinsed black beans.  The last few minutes I added the squash and a little water.  Once the rice was done I spooned some out onto my bowl topped with the pan mixture and then the fresh tomato.  YUM!

This would be great as a side dish for dinner, or used as filling in tortillas too.  Of course I have left overs for lunch another day!

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